Slow Computer


Buy an expensive computer, and paid happy knowing that we are taking home a device that will not irritate, we will not see much that “waiting icon” so annoying, in fact sometimes the computer is so slow and the wait is so much that it even to irritate and even cause some stress, at least with me stress the constant waiting is right. We will study whether the program is to use an AntiVirus to remove viruses, remove unwanted programs or simply clean your entire computer


Slow Computer

I’ve seen a lot of people, seller usually trying to upgrade the computer saying “it will help to the internet” getting faster, in fact it is not 100% correct, no for faster CPU that is may accelerate as the data arrives on the PC, this is not local control, but often the PC is so slow that it is unable to process the incoming data, then an extremely slow PC can leave even the slowest internet.
How To Speed Up the Internet? there is no way to resolve this locally really, but keep the lightest PC may resolve your problem.


Computer Maintenance

A slow computer and locking is the worst of all worlds! expect a processing is bad, imagine a so slow performance that even afford to show a waiting message, if you arrived in nívl “Slow and Locking” it’s time to do something, since removing unnecessary programs, format or remove rum possible virus.

computer slow and stopping

Solution to Slow Computer Solutions are varied and you need to know how best to his case, including … Use the windows resmon programs to check your PC so that you can simply type:

solve slow computer

After typing WINDOWS + R, type RESMON, and enter the RESMON programs, you will see that it will bring PC performance in graphs and numbers, make sure the problems are memory or processing, and you can still check if your internet is really slow or is the PC that is leaving everything slow.


monitor resource resmon

In the image above we see the resmon program running windows and showing the statistics of the PC, you can check everything: memory, CPU, Internet, and until that program is longer using the memory and processing, make sure your AntiVirus are eating a lot of memory or the configuration of your anti-virus is doing this, you may need to set to use less processing. You can also check if there is any program using much the PC and this program is simply unknown in this case is a Trojan, then you can remove it from your PC, solving its performance program. Below see Steps to take after checking the PC:




One of the biggest computer problems are those programs that have been uninstalled (removed) but left “traces” backwards, this is very common in anti-virus, never go out completely, removes 90% but leave something running, in fact if you get a computer that was installed three years and never formatted, you will see that a lot of the programs that are running in memory have been removed by the user, but there was something running … like an extra liver in the body used body feature without any need, it’s weird .. but it happens, and are several reasons, one of them is Windows Bugs that prevents removal of the program while it is running.

Just above you saw the windows programs, resmon that makes it possible to examine what is happening in the computer’s memory, what is running and what is “eating” processing, another very good program that allows the removal of we do not want is procexp, (process explorer) also Microsoft and Free, but this it must download and then run then.

Download PROCEXP programa for maintenance process

After running the program, you will see this:

kill process from memory


In the above example, one click (with RIGHT mouse button) on puc.exe program brings up a menu of options, shortly after, just choose Kill Process to remove the program from memory and relieve the CPU, after giving KILL, you will be able to check the other program, the resmon showing more available memory, more available CPU and will realize that the computer will be faster.

process property


See this other image (just above) another option procexp, after clicking the right mouse button on the program and choose PROPERTIES (process properties), you will see WHERE the “dramm program” is after all, and where it should be been removed when it was uninstalled, note the path in the “Path”, open Windows Explorer, and delete (delete this program).

Software to turbocharge your computer

There are several programs that can clean up unwanted programs, waste, and old programs that have been removed but traces left of them running on your system, look in baixaki, there are many options.

Improve Windows Performance

One solution under Windows itself can solve or alleviate your problem, all this without downloading anything at all on the PC, for this just follow the steps.

find and fix problem from windows

Click this option, and leave the system to solve the performance problem for you.


An antivirus can speed up your computer

A lot of people do not like AntiVirus, and one of the reason is because it just makes everything slower … to solve this, simply enter the product configuration and choose which part of the system it will monitor, a very good idea is to enable the ALL AntiVirus (yes, the PC will get very slow) and after using every resource, and let him solve all entitled, after making a TOTAL SCAN on the PC, there then you go and set up for minimal monitoring.

What can you do to (if not like AntiVirus) is to uninstall the product fully to make good fast PC, and once a month, install again and let the product check, and will repeat it every month.

The Kasperky AntiVirus is the product that most have options, and is always ahead of the polls, you can use this Russian product if they do not have another of your own, it has a free version, and it may be useful if you want to use the system Instalar-> Escanear-> Uninstall.

Another option, in light product line, is the free Avast AntiVirus is, and one the most preferred because it is light, we still have the PSafe AntiVirus which is well equipped with foreign engines.













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